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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
June 17, 2021

Abstract Acceptance Notification
June 22, 2021

Draft Presentation Submission Deadline
August 10, 2021

Final Revised Presentation Submission Deadline
September 7, 2021

Presentation Acceptance Notification
September 14, 2021

Presentation Video & Speaker Release Form Deadline
September 20, 2021

Author Registration Deadline
September 20, 2021

ASME’s Advanced Manufacturing and Repair for Gas Turbines (AMRGT) Symposium is designed to bring together gas turbine manufacturing community with operators, and support engineers and manufacturing process developers. Technical presentations that beyond the hype to, will explore the challenges and solutions at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and repair of gas turbine components are eagerly sought. Peer-reviewed presentation without publication format including video-on-demand during and after the event are specifically intended to allow convenient participation for industrial stakeholders and maximum value to participants. Presenters are invited to submit an abstract in the following tracks.


This track invites presentations covering the development and use of all advanced manufacturing technologies applied to turbine components. Digitalized factory concepts, waste and consumption reduction, additive manufacturing and functional coating concepts are all invited. As well, exploration of new materials and processes for manufacturing are welcome.


This track invites presentations covering the service degradation, inspection, repair needs, and refurbishment processes applied to turbine components. Case-studies of advanced repair technologies that extend component life, restore capability, and reduce waste are welcome.